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Cyberbajt 2,4GHz Double sector antenna

Cyberbajt SA 24-180-15VV BOX, Double sector antenna for the frequency of 2,4 GHz with a pouch integrated. This inbuilt box allows for installations of the most popular devices inside, as RouterBoard 411, 433, 711, Alix, Ubiquiti and others with comparable dimensions. Gain 15 dBi, Polarization vertical + horzontal Vertical beam width 17 ° for -3dB. Horizontal beam width 180 ° for -3dB. VSWR 1 : 1,4 Connector 2 x N/Female. Dimension 512 x 138 x 92 mm
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Interline 2,4Ghz Sector Antena 17dBi, 90V/6°

Interline IS-G17-F2425-A90-V, 17dBi/90V 2.4GHz Sector Antena. Vertical Polarization. Half Beam Width (-3dB) horizontal 86°, Vertical 6°. VSWR 2.00:1. (Front/Back Ratio) >20dB, Connector N female. Antena Dimensions 1007x127x73mm
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Interline 5ghz 19dbi Mimo Panel Ant

Interline PAN-19/5X-MIMOHV, 5GHz 19dBi Mimo Directional Panel Antenna, Dual-Polarization, Beamwidth Horizontal 16°/ Vertical 16°, Connector 2x N female
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Interline Horizon Dual Band 6dBi/2.4GHz 7dBi/5.3GHz Omni Antena

Interline IH-G0607-F2453-V, Horizon Dual Band 6dBi/2.4GHz 7dBi/5.3GHz omni-directional antenna operating in the vertical polarization. Frequncy band 2400 - 2500, 5100 - 5500, VSWR 1.40:1, Half Power Beam Width (-3dB) - horizontal 360°, Half Power Beam Width (-3dB) - vertical 30°, Connector N female,
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Interline omnidirectional antenna DUAL BAND 4dBi/2,4GHz, 5dBi/6GHz

Interline IH-G0405-F2460-V, Horizon Logis Dual Band Mini 4dBi/2.4GHz 5dBi/5.6GHz omni-directional antenna operating in the vertical polarization. Frequncy band 2400 - 2500, 5400 - 5800, VSWR 1.70:1, Half Power Beam Width (-3dB) - horizontal 360°, Half Power Beam Width (-3dB) - vertical 35°, Connector N female,
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Interline omnidirectional antenna maxi 5GHz/12dBi

Interline IH-G12-F5458-V, 5Ghz 12dBi Outdoor Omnidirectional antenna, Polarization Vertical, Beamwidth: Horzontal 360° / Vertical coverage 6°, VSWR 1.50:1, Connector Type N female, Dimension 465x25mm, Includes antena mount
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Interline omnidirectional antenna midi 2,4GHz/9dBi

Interline IH-G09-F2425-V, Interline omnidirectional antenna midi 2,4GHz/9dBi, Polarization Vertical, H 360deg / V 15deg, VSWR: 1.80:1, Connector N Female. Old code was INT-HOR-09/24-V
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Interline Sector Antena 2,4ghz 12-14dbi Mimo

Interline SEC-12/24-HV, 2.4Ghz 12-14dBi Outdoor Mimo Sector Antena, Polarization Horizontal and Vertical. Beamwidth Horizontal 14dBi/60° Vertical 12dBi/70°
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Interline TSUNAMI 19dBi 3G-UMTS/LTE Panel Antenna

Interline IM-G19-F1722, TSUNAMI 19dBi 3G-UMTS/LTE Directional Panel Antenna. Designed for UMTS / LTE band 1700MHz ~ 2200 MHz and operates with 19 dBi gain, designed for installation on both the outside and inside of buildings. The antenna is coupled with the standard 5 meter flexible antenna cable RG-174 terminated with RP-SMA / RP-SMA connectors. a special adapter (RP-SMA/CRC9/TS9) is included to allow connection the antenna to the various models of broadband models. Adjustable mounting Adjustable polarization. The antenna has an NF socket. In the set for the antenna there is a connector NM- RP-SMA and plug TS9
Currently unavailable

Jirious 5Ghz Parabolic 24dBi antena (2-pack

Jirious JRC-24DD DuplEX, dual-polarized Parabolic 24dBi antenna Full duplex or MIMO, horizontal/vertical or 2x45° polarization. Frequency range 4,9 - 6,1 GHz Gain 24,5 ± 1 dBi VSWR 5,1 - 5,9 GHz ? 1,6 Port to port isolation 5,1 - 5,9 GHz 53 dB (? 50 dB) Beamwidth -3dB 9° Front to back ratio ? 44 dB Polarization linear, horizontal/vertical or 2x45° Types of connector N nebo R-SMA Parabola o 400 mm, aluminium alloy with baking colour Radom (cover) UV stabilized ABS
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Jirious Outdoor Box 5ghz 20dbi Mimo

Jirious JC-320MCX, GentleBOX Bi-Directional 20dBi antenna with integrated outdoor box, Ready for duplex or MIMOlinks, simplified mounting of RB411, RB433, RB800, ALIX2, ALIX3, Compex, Wispstation, connector cable MMCX
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Jirious Parabolic antenna DuplEX Precision 2x RPSMA

Jirous JRC-32 DuplEX Precision (SMA) • Dish antenna dual polarization 32dBi, 2xSMA. 32dBi, VSWR 1,5, Isolation between connectors 53dB (45dB). Parabola o 90 cm aluminium alloy with baking colour. Cover UV steady plastic ABS, weight of antenna 10,65 kg, weight of holder 3,25 kg. Recommend mounting on the mast with minimal o 70 mm in the areas with the expected occurrence of the strong winds.
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