2.4 GHz Directional/Client antene

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Jirous JPA-10 duplex Sector panel antenna

Jirous JPA-10DX, 2.4Ghz 10dBi Dual-Polarized MIMO Outdoor/Indoor Sector Panel antenna for demanding users. Can be used as a hot-spot client antena for a point to point link. Polarization horizontal and vertical. beamwidth 60° in both planes (-3db), 90° in both planes (-6db), Connector N-Female. Dimension 128x326x30mm. Includes mount holder for o 19 - 54 mm pole.
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Jirous JPA-10 Sector panel antenna

Jirous JPA-10, 2.4GHz 10dBi Outdoor/Indoor Client Sector Panel Antenna, Used for point to point link, Polarization Horizontal or Vertical - according to position, Beamwidth 60° in both planes, Connector N - Female, Cover is UV steady plastic ABS, Back Sheet metal from aluminium alloy + galvanic coating, Dimension 124 x 124 x 25 mm, includes holder for mast o19 - 54 mm
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MikroTik Omni Swivel Ant. UFL connector

MikroTik ACSWI, Omnidirectional Swivel Antenna 2.4-5.8 GHz with cable (UFL)
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Planet 18dbi, 2.4GHz, Uni directional Flat Panel Antena

Planet ANT-FP18, 2.4GHz Outdoor 802.11b/g/n 18dBi Flat-Panel Directional Antenna, Beamwidth Horz. 30°, Vertical 20°, Operating Temperature -40 to 70 Degree C
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Planet 2.4GHz 14dBi Flat Panel Dual Polarization Directional Antenna

Planet ANT-FP14D, 2.4GHz 14dBi Flat Panel Dual Polarization Directional Antenna equipped with two N-Type Female connectors. IP55-rated case. Polarization Horizontal and vertical (dual polarization). HPBW/Horizontal 30 degrees, 30 degrees. Includes screws and 1 bracket.
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Ubiquiti Networks 2,4GHz 24dBi RocketDish Antena

Ubiquiti Networks RD-2G24 • 2,4Ghz 24dBi Carrier Class 2x2 Dish Antenna • Wireless Radio sold seperate • Dish can be used for Point to Point Links or Point to Multi-Point Links • Dual-Linear, Horizontal Pol 3.8° (RX Dish) 6.6° (TX Dish), Vertical Pol 3.8° (RX Dish) 6.6° (TX Dish) • F/B Ratio: 50dB (RX Dish) 65dB (TX Dish) • VSWR 1.6:1 • Wind Survivability 200km/h • 2x RSMA female Connectors • Dimension 650 x 650 x 295 mm • Includes Universal Pole Mount, Rocket Bracket to let you easily snap Rocket M into place, and Weatherproof RF Connectors • Pair Rocket M with RocketDish to create powerful 2x2 MIMO PtP bridging applications • Compatible Radios Rocket M2, Rocket M2 TI, Optional Radome sold seperate RAD-2RD
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Ubiquiti Networks airFiber X 2,4GHz 24dBi Dish Antena

Ubiquiti Networks AF-2G24-S45, The airFiber X Dish antennas are purpose-built with 45° slant polarity for seamless integration with the airFiber 2X. The AF-2G24-S45 offers 24 dBi of gain in a 650-mm diameter size.
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