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Cyberteam Anti-noise shield AM-19/120

Cyberteam Shield-AM19-120, Anti-noise shield for Ubiquiti airMAX Sector 19/120 and 15/120 base station antennas. Substantially reduces interference from nearby devices. Shield reduces noise level, helping improve signal strenght of base station set. AirMAX antenna and Rocket M5 are mounted inside aluminium cage, which additionally protects whole set against tough environmental conditions. Thanks to CNC technology used in manufacturing process, shield is made with needed precision from grey coated aluminium. Dimension 710mm x 240mm x 120mm.

Cyberteam Anti-noise shield for MikroTik Omnitik Sector

Cyberteam Shield-Omnitik, Anti-noise shield for RouterBOARD Omnitik U-5HnD and RouterBOARD Omnitik UPA-5Hn it changes characteristics of Omnitik's antenna from omnidirectional to sector with horizontal beamwidth of120°. Furthermore, it reduces interference and noise from nearby networks and electronic devices. Shield lowers noise level improving signal quality. Shield is made entirely from grey coated steel using CNC technology that assures absolute precision and quality. Compatibility Omnitik U-5HnD, Omnitik UPA-5HnD. Dimensions 325mm x 147mm x 30mm.

Cyberteam Antinoise Shield for NBE-M5-16

Cyberteam SHIELD-NBE-M5-16, Antinoise shield for Ubiquiti NanoBeam NBE-M5-16 and NanoBeam M5 AC 16dBi NBE-5AC-16. Shield substantially eliminates interference from other devices installed nearby.

Cyberteam Anti-noise shield for NS-5AC

Cyberteam NS-5AC, Anti-noise shield dedicated for Ubiquiti NanoStation NS-5AC CPE device. Substantially reduces interference from nearby devices significantly improving signal quality. Shield is made entirely from aluminium, coated with light grey so it is light, corrosion resistant and blends in perfectly with the device. Set includes steel bracket and mast clamp that allows tiling the Nanostation. Dimension 24,5cm x 23,5cm

Cyberteam Anti-noise Shield for Ubiquiti LAP-120

Cyberteam Shield LAP-120 for Ubiquiti LiteBeam LBE-5AC-16-120. Cover reduces the noise, which improves the performance of the mounted device. The whole is made of aluminum and powder painted in light gray. Thanks to the technology of CNC machine tools, the sheathing is made with perfect accuracy and repeatability. Clamp and holder mounting included. Height 423mm, Width 170mm, Depth 28mm

Cyberteam Anti-noise shield NBE-500

Cyberteam PBE-M5-500, Anti-noise shield PBE-500 is designed to seamlessly integrate with Ubiquiti PowerBeam AC M5-500 antenna. Substantially reduces interference from nearby networks and network devices. Shield reduces noise level, helping to improve signal strenght of wireless set. Thanks to CNC technology used in manufacturing process, shield is made with needed precision from grey coated aluminium. Dimension Dia.500mm x 100mm

Cyberteam Anti-noise shield SXTsq Lite5

Cyberteam SHIELD-SXTSQ-LITE5, Anti-noise shield for Mikrotik RBSXTsq Lite5 (SXTsq Lite5). It substantially reduces interference generated by nearby electronic devices. It lowers noise levels improving signal quality. Shield is made from aluminium coated with light grey paint. Designed and manufactured using state-of-the-art CNC machines, it is beautifully made with needed precision. Dimension 129x129x34mm

ExtraLink AC2100 Home WiFi Mesh System

ExtraLink EX.15234, AC2100 Home WiFi Mesh System. Provides seamless floor-to-floor roaming throughout your home. Set includes 3 devices: a router and two satellites. Router has 1GbE Wan Port, 2 GbE Lan Ports + 1 USB 2.0. Satelites have 3x GbE Lan Ports. 802.11b/g/n/a/ac. 5Ghz WiFi speeds 802.11ac: up to 1733Mbps, 2,4Ghz 802.11n: up to 300Mbps. Patented omni-directional internal antennas: 4 x 3dBi 5G antennas + 2 x 3dBi 2.4G antennas. Easy setup assistant
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Jirious 2,4Ghz Mimo Ant Box dual polarized MMCX

Jirous JA-215-MIMO-MMCX, GentleBOX JA-215 contains integrated dual-polarized 2,4 GHz antenna, ideal outdoor box for AP. RouterBOARD and other electronics, simplified mounting of RB711, MMCX Connector
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Jirious 5Ghz Parabolic 24dBi antena (2-pack

Jirious JRC-24DD DuplEX, dual-polarized Parabolic 24dBi antenna Full duplex or MIMO, horizontal/vertical or 2x45° polarization. Frequency range 4,9 - 6,1 GHz Gain 24,5 ± 1 dBi VSWR 5,1 - 5,9 GHz ? 1,6 Port to port isolation 5,1 - 5,9 GHz 53 dB (? 50 dB) Beamwidth -3dB 9° Front to back ratio ? 44 dB Polarization linear, horizontal/vertical or 2x45° Types of connector N nebo R-SMA Parabola o 400 mm, aluminium alloy with baking colour Radom (cover) UV stabilized ABS
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Jirious GentleBOX outdoor box for AP

Jirious JE-200, GentleBOX outdoor box for AP, RouterBOARD, pole mount. UV stabilized ABS plastic, Polyamide. Outer size 203 x 203 x 65 mm. Inner Size 186 x 186 x 53 mm.
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Jirious Parabolic antenna DuplEX Precision 2x RPSMA

Jirous JRC-32 DuplEX Precision (SMA) • Dish antenna dual polarization 32dBi, 2xSMA. 32dBi, VSWR 1,5, Isolation between connectors 53dB (45dB). Parabola o 90 cm aluminium alloy with baking colour. Cover UV steady plastic ABS, weight of antenna 10,65 kg, weight of holder 3,25 kg. Recommend mounting on the mast with minimal o 70 mm in the areas with the expected occurrence of the strong winds.
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