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Gembird Bi-directional SATA/IDE converter

Gembird Bi-directional SATA/IDE converter - Turns ‘older’ IDE devices into SATA devices, Allows recent SATA devices to be connected to ‘older’ IDE host controllers, Supports Serial ATA 1.0 interface with data transfer rates up to 150 MBytes/sec, Supports all UDMA-33/66/100/133/150 IDE hard drives and most ATAPI devices, Easy installation, no drivers required
57,42 kn

Gembird M.2 (NGFF) to Micro SATA 1.8" SSD adapter card

Gembird M.2 (NGFF) to Micro SATA 1.8" SSD adapter card - 1.8'' Mini SATA adapter card for 1.8'' SSD M.2 (NGFF) drive, Fully compatible with SATA device interface: SATA 3/2/1, No software driver required
61,66 kn

Gembird USB to IDE/SATA adapter cable

USB to IDE/SATA adapter cable - Supports any IDE and SATA storage devices: 2.5" or 3.5" hard drives, CD-drives, DVD-drives etc, Power adapter for your drive is enclosed, Real speed up to 30 MB/sec, limited only by the USB 2.0 interface and your drive capability
145,38 kn