Modular Wall Socket

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Masterlan keystone UTP Cat.5e, white

MasterLan LY-KJ5-18, Keystone Jack Module UTP Cat 5e, white, for wall plate LY-FP14

OEM Metal Installation box on wall for Ubqiuiti UAP-IW

OEM UAP-IW-M, Metal Installation box for Ubiquiti Networks UAP-IW, Metal Box. Depth 50mm * 72mm Width, 115mm Height

OEM Plastic Installation box for Ubiquiti UAP-IW

OEM UAP-IW-P, Installation box for Ubiquiti Networks UAP-IW, Plastic PVC Box. Depth 71mm * 57mm Width, 110mm Height

Transmedia 2 flush mounting sockets Western 8/8

Transmedia TD 8-88 U, flush mounting sockets, 2x Western 8/8-socket for 2 separate lines
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Transmedia 2xWestern 8/8 socket Cat6

Transmedia TD 17, 2xWestern 8/8-socket, CAT6, 2 x RJ45, incl. cover and frame, full shielded, 4 pairs according to ISO/IEC11801, pin assignment according to EIA/TIA 568, cable entry at the side, horizontally, zink diecast, slant outlet, massive strain relief, with LSA terminal block, white
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Transmedia Western 8/8-socket

Transmedia TD 7-8 U, Sockets Description: Western 8/8-socket, with slant outlet, flush mounting.
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