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RF Elements StationBox InSpot – indoor enclosure

RF Elements StationBox InSpot, Indoor hotspot enclosure for RB922, RB912, RB711, RB411, and also for RB75x and RB95x desktop routerboards. Easy installation on wall or ceiling.

RF Elements StationBox S - with Nfemale to MMCX

RF elements RTIKNFMMCX, StationBox S - with preinstalled Nfemale to MMCX outdoor enclosure for RB411, RB711, ABS plastic, with two preinstalled preinstalled SMA-RP to MMCX retail box, Ready for 2x2 MiMo in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz
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RF Elements StationBox S Carrier Class w/2x SMA-RP

RF Elements SBX-S-CC-2SMA, shielded compact outdoor enclosure for RouterBoard RB922, RB912 and RB911. StationBox S CARRIER CLASS is made of die cast aluminium and can be mounted on UBNT airMax Antennas and RF elements Sectors and Dish antennas.
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RF Elements StationBox XL with 5Ghz 19dBi MiMo antenna

RF Elements SBX-XL-5-19, StationBox XL outdoor CPE enclosure with built-in high gain dual polarization antenna, integrated 3-Axis Positioning System, supports RB433, RB911, RB711, RB411, slide-in chassis for RouterBoard
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RF-Elements NanoBracket for NBE-M5-19 and 5AC-19

RF-Elements NB-NBEAM19, NanoBracket for NBE-M5-19 and 5AC-19. NanoBracket offers 140° of 3-Axis Positioning System. NanoBracket enables smooth adjustment of popular NanoBeam M5-19 and 5AC-19 in azimuth, elevation and rotation. The precise adjustment in all 3-Axis is critical to eliminate polarization mismatch loss and to achieve the best RF performance of MiMo link.
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