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MikroTik Mounting box CA953 for RouterBOARD RB953 - indoor

MikroTik CA953, CA953 mounting box is designed for RouterBOARD RB953GS-5HnT is made of aluminum and painted gray. The mounting box has a front panel pre-punched holes for the power connector, 3x LAN, serial port, and LEDs. On the back are openings for three SMA connectors, USB port, and 2 SFP slots. Since RouterBOARD RB953GS-5HnT contains additional 2 miniPCI-e slot and the side of the box CA953 are ready preformed 4 holes RSMA / N female connectors.
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MikroTik OEM Mounting box CA493

MikroTik CA493, OEM Mounting box CA493 for RouterBOARD RB493, RB192, Black aluminium Indoor case (3 holes for Nfemale Bulkhead connectors or AC/SWI Swivel antennas). This new revision is slightly higher, to fit more miniPCI card models.
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MikroTik OEM Mounting box for RB433

Mikrotik OEM Mounting box CA433 for RouterBOARD RB433, RB433U, RB333, RB911, RB912
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MikroTik RB 450 Case

Mikrotik RB450CASE, Indoor OEM case RB450,RB450G, RBRB850GX2, Aluminium, Black

MikroTik Universal RB411 Indoor case

MikroTik CA411, Indoor case for RouterBOARD RB411, RB711, RB911 (three holes for Nfemale Bulkhead connectors or Swivel antennas)
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RF Elements NanoBracket for RB SXT, LIGHT

RF-Elements NB-SXT-LIGHT, NanoBracket Light for SXT is a mounting system designed for the RB-SXT Series from MikroTik. NanoBracket offers a 3-Axis Positioning System that enables smooth adjustment of wireless CPE in azimuth, elevation and rotation
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RF Elements NanoBracket SEXTANT

RF Elements NBSEXTANT, NanoBracket SEXTANT designed for fast and easy installation of RouterBoard SEXTANT on the pole or on the wall. All New 3-Axis Positioning System enables positioning of the antenna in azimuth, elevation and rotation.

RF Elements StationBox InSpot – indoor enclosure

RF Elements StationBox InSpot, Indoor hotspot enclosure for RB922, RB912, RB711, RB411, and also for RB75x and RB95x desktop routerboards. Easy installation on wall or ceiling.