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Digitus Professional CAT 6 Keystone Jack, unshielded

Digitus DN-93603 - Professional CAT 6 Keystone Jack | Unshielded with tool free installation | The compact design allows the installation of 24 pieces in a row of 483 mm (19") 1U Panels | Up to 250 MHz | 1GBase-T
Pre-order by phone

Digitus Professional CAT 6A Keystone Module, shielded, toolfree

Digitus DN-93615, DIGITUS Professional CAT 6A Keystone Module, shielded, tool free. Up to 500 MHz, 10GBase-T. Housing material: Zinc die-cast, nickel-plated

ExtraLink CAT5E UTP RJ45 Keystone

ExtraLink EX.9861 - Cat5E UTP RJ45 Keystone | Workable wire gauge: AWG 22~26 | Angle: 90deg | Termination: Krone Type

MasterLan tooless keystone FTP Cat.5e jack

MasterLan LY-KJ5-20, tooless keystone FTP Cat.5e jack

MasterLan keystone UTP Cat.5E (for sockets)

MasterLan LY-KJ5-16 - keystone UTP Cat.5e | White (for sockets) for patch panel

MasterLan keystone UTP Cat.5e, white

MasterLan LY-KJ5-18 - Keystone Jack Module UTP Cat 5e | White | For wall plate LY-FP14
Currently unavailable

MasterLan keystone UTP Cat.6

MasterLan LY-KJ6-10 - keystone UTP Cat.6 | White (for sockets)

NaviaTec Cat6 blank patch panel for 24 keystones 1U

NaviaTec PNL1U-373B, 19" 1U Blank 24 open slot Patch Panel for cat5e cat6 UTP keystone jacks. With wiring management. Front Panel: 1.5mm thick Metal (SPCC) with Zn plated

NaviaTec Cat6 Keystone Jack for RJ45

NaviaTec JACK-281 - Cat6 unshielded | 90deg Keystone Jack for RJ45 | Fit for wires AWG 22-26
Currently unavailable

NaviaTec Cat6 RJ45 keystone jack 180 degree type

NaviaTec Jack-372, Dual block unshielded 180 degree CAT6 Keystone Jack snap-in for patch panel RJ45

Solarix keystone 10G Cat6A STP

Solarix SXKJ-10G-STP-BK-SA - 10G keystone CAT6A 10G STP (shielded)
Pre-order by phone

Solarix Keystone Cat6 STP

Solarix SXKJ-6-STP-BK-SA - Keystone CAT6 STP RJ45 | 1000BaseT | 1000BaseTX | AWG 26 - 22