Ubiquiti Networks Nanostation Pole Mount

Ubiquiti NanoMount, Ubiquiti Networks Nanostation Polke Mount
Manufacturer: Ubiquiti Networks
Ubiquiti Networks Nanostation Pole Mount
Warranty in months: 24
Availability: Available
39,95 kn
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Ubiquity Networks NanoStationM LocoM2, 2,4Ghz 802.11b/g/n 23dBm(output power) Outdoor 8dBi(gain) Mimo CPE. Used as an Access Point, Client, or Bridge for Point-to MultiPoint, Point to Point or Wireless Client. Range is 5+KM. It is an 8dBi 2x2 Mimo Panel Antena with a 23dBm Integrated Wireless Radio. Dual Linear Polarity. 60° H-pol/ 60° V-pol. AirMax airOS software. Atheros MIPS 24KC, 400MHz CPU, 32MB SDRAM, 8 MB Flash, (1)10/100 Ethernet Port, Enclosure is Outdoor UV Plastic, Max Power Consumption 5.5W, Dimension 163x31x80, included 24V, 0.5A PoE Adapter, Pole Mount Kit Included
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Transmedia Cat.5e UTP Kabel 20M, White

Transmedia TI9-20EWL - 20 m | CAT.5e UTP Patch Kabel (RJ45) | Bijela boja | CCA | 1:1 connected | Twisted pair | 100 MHz
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