NaviaTec CAT5e unshielded RJ45 modular plug round cable 10pc

NaviaTec NVT-PLUG-216 - Cat5e Western Unshielded RJ45 konektor | Western 8/8-plug (RJ45) | 8 kontakata | Za okrugli kabel | 10 kom
Proizvođač: NaviaTEC
NaviaTec CAT5e unshielded RJ45 modular plug round cable 10pc
Šifra: NVT-PLUG-216
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NaviaTec Cat5e UTP Patch Cable 5m red

NaviaTec CAT5E-U079 - 5 m | CAT.5e UTP Patch Kabel (RJ45) | Crvene boje | CCA | 1:1 connected | Twisted pair | 100 MHz
9,45 kn

NaviaTec Cat5e UTP Patch Cable 3m green

NaviaTec CAT5E-U070 - 3 m | CAT.5e UTP Patch Kabel (RJ45) | Zelene boje | 1:1 connected | Twisted pair | 100 MHz
6,89 kn

NaviaTec CAT5e shielded RJ45 plug for round cable incl strain relief plug green 10pc

NaviaTec NVT-PLUG-205 - Cat5e Western Shielded RJ45 konektor + Strain relief plug for round cable | Zelene boje | 10 kom
11,34 kn
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Transmedia Adapter Western 8/8 to 8/8

Transmedia TS15-8L - Adapter Western-jack to Western-jack | 1:1 connected | 8/8 to 8/8 | White
2,36 kn

MikroTik (RB931-2nD) Tiny 8cm tall home Access Point lite

MikroTik hAP mini (RB931-2nD), tiny 8cm tall 2.4Ghz 802.11b/g/n AP with three Ethernet ports! Unit is perfect for simple access point- is already configured out of the box. You simply need to open it’s web configuration page and provide a password for it. QCA9533 650Mhz CPU, 32MB RAM, 3xLAN, 2.4Ghz 802b/g/n, ROS L4, case, 5vdc .7 amp microUSB power supply is included. 1.5dBi internal omni antena. Product Dimension 48 x 78 x 81mm
153,54 kn

MaxLink Passive POE injector

MaxLink POE-AFA-1, MaxLink pasivna POE injector, Passive PoE injector is used to power most RouterBoards, can be used to power any device with an appropriate input power connector. PoE Injector does not meet spec IEEE 802.3af.
19,61 kn
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MikroTik 24V, 1A Power Adapter

Mikrotik GM-2410, MikroTik Power Adapter 24V 1A for RouterBOARD, ALIX (05/10). Output connector [mm]: 5.5
48,92 kn

NaviaTec PVC Boot for Western 8/8-plug yellow 10pc

NaviaTec NVT-SR-214 -PVC BOOT For Cat5e/6 Round Cable | For Western 8/8-plug | Žute boje | 10 kom
3,08 kn
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