NaviaTec 80mm POS Thermal Printer

NaviaTec 80230 - 80mm POS Thermal Printer - Printing speed :230mm/sec, Print Resolution :203dpi(8 dots per mm) 576dots per line, Logo Download:Support with logo or jpg download tool software, Paper width :80 mm, Paper thickness:0.065-0.085mm, Interfaces :Serial, USB, Lan, Cutter :Partial/Full Auto cutter, Character Size:ANK:FontA, 12*24dot,1.25(width) * 3.00(height)mm,FontB:9 * 17dot,1.1(width) * 2.1(height) mm Simplified/complex form of Chinese/Japan/Korean/English/French, character, 24*24dot, 3.00(width)*3.0(height)mm, Windows2000 / Windows® XP / Windows 7/8/10 / Vista/Linux, Dimensions: 186 * 145 * 140 mm
Proizvođač: NaviaTec Computers
NaviaTec 80mm POS Thermal Printer
Šifra: NTC-80230
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