MikroTik (CRS105-5S-FB) Outdoor router with five SFP ports

MikroTik FiberBox (CRS105-5S-FB), an outdoor router with five SFP ports, ideal for locations where distance is restricting the use of regular ethernet cables. The device is weatherproof and comes with a hose clamp and zip ties, ready to be installed on high masts and towers. The package also includes the RJ45 SFP (S-RJ01) copper module already preinstalled in the first port, so you can use ethernet in one of the ports already out of the box. If not needed, remove it to have access to all five SFP ports for using with 1.25 Gbit fiber modules. CPU QCA8511 400MHz, 128MB RAM/ 16MB Flash. Router OS LVL 5.
Manufacturer: MikroTik
MikroTik (CRS105-5S-FB) Outdoor router with five SFP ports
Warranty in months: 24
Availability: Pre-order by phone