Lenovo ThinkVision E2054-19.5" Monitor

Lenovo ThinkVision E2054-19.5" Monitor VGA The ThinkVision E2054 is an environmental and budget-friendly monitor, in a space-saving design. The days of limited monitor choices for a budget are over. Ideal for small spaces, the E2054 has a 19.5" IPS wide-angle screen displays clear, crisp images from centre to sides with a tilt-adjustable stand for comfortable viewing. The ThinkVision E2054 Monitor is certified Green, and connects seamlessly to most systems. Features & Benefits 19.5" IPS panel for best picture quality Compact space-saving design w/ VGA connectivity Environment and budget friendly
Proizvođač: Lenovo
Lenovo ThinkVision E2054-19.5" Monitor
Šifra: LEN-SD10D71217-02
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