Cyberteam Anti-noise shield AM-16/120

Cyberteam Shield-AM16-120, Anti-noise shield for Ubiquiti airMAX Sector 16/120 base station antennas. Substantially reduces interference from nearby devices. Shield reduces noise level, helping improve signal strenght of base station set. AirMAX antenna and Rocket M5 are mounted inside aluminium cage, wchich additionally protects whole set against tough weather conditions. Thanks to CNC technology used in manufacturing process, shield is made with needes precision. Shield is made entirely from grey coated aluminium. Dimemsion 389mm x 145mm x 92mm
Proizvođač: Cyberbajt
Cyberteam Anti-noise shield AM-16/120
Šifra: CYB-SHIELD-AM16-120
Jamstvo, u mjesecima: 12
Dostupnost: Trenutno neraspoloživo
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