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Interline TSUNAMI 19dBi 3G-UMTS/LTE Panel Antenna

Interline IM-G19-F1722, TSUNAMI 19dBi 3G-UMTS/LTE Directional Panel Antenna. Designed for UMTS / LTE band 1700MHz ~ 2200 MHz and operates with 19 dBi gain, designed for installation on both the outside and inside of buildings. The antenna is coupled with the standard 5 meter flexible antenna cable RG-174 terminated with RP-SMA / RP-SMA connectors. a special adapter (RP-SMA/CRC9/TS9) is included to allow connection the antenna to the various models of broadband models. Adjustable mounting Adjustable polarization. The antenna has an NF socket. In the set for the antenna there is a connector NM- RP-SMA and plug TS9
516,20 kn

TB Energy antenna TRANS-DATA KYZ 8.2/9.5 3G/GSM

TB ENERGY A741030, TRANS-DATA kyz 8.2 / 9.5 is an outdoor directional antenna suitable for use in combination with 3G, DCS, GSM modems and mobile phones, as well as in combination with GSM (A6765, A6775, A6785) and 3G (A67105). The antenna has 8.2 dBi gain in 806-960 MHz band and 9.5 dBi in 1710-2500 MHz band. Vertical Polarization. N-f Connector. Angle of radiation [°] V/H 60/90 (806-960MHz). 55/70 (1710-2500MHz). Dimension 293×210×65.
274,08 kn

Teltonika 2DBI Magnetic LTE Mobile Antenna

Teltonika 003R-00229, 2DBI Magnetic LTE Mobile Antenna, frequency 698-868/1850-2690 MHz. Polarization Linear. Connector SMA Male. Mounting method: Magnet
75,62 kn

Teltonika Compact DIN Rail Kit

Teltonika PR5MEC11, Compact plastic DIN Rail adapter. Material PP+GPT30
44,46 kn
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Teltonika DIN Rail Kit adapter mount

Teltonika PR5MEC04, DIN Rail Kit adapter mount for RUT2 and RUT9 series
65,74 kn

Teltonika EU power supply, 4 pin

Teltonika PR3PUEU3, EU power supply, with 2×2 terminal block (4 pin) for RUT2 series, RUT850, RUT950
105,19 kn

Teltonika RMS Management Prepaid-License for 1mj.

Teltonika RMS License, Remote Management System (RMS) is designed to conveniently monitor and manage all your Teltonika networking devices including RUT2XX, RUT8XX and RUT9XX routers. Per Device is one License per Month needed. Access, monitor and control whole router fleet from within a single, web browser-based interface.
24,61 kn
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Trans-Data 4G/3G/GSM Outdoor Antenna

Trans-Data A741031, 4G/3G/GSM Antenna: TRANS-DATA LTE KYZ 7.5/8/10. outdoor, directional log periodic antenna for use with LTE (4G), 3G, DCS, GSM modems and cellular phones, as well as with GSM ( A6765, A6775, A6785) and 3G ( A67105) repeaters . The antenna Gain: 7.5 dBi (698-800 MHz), 8.0 dBi ( 800-960 MHz), 10 dBi (1700-2700 MHz); 55 cm lead with N connector;
333,68 kn

Transmedia Pigtail adapter TS9 angle plug to SMA socket

Transmedia Pigtail adapter TS9 angle plug to SMA socket. Adapter cable for use of high-performance antennas. With SMA connection with UMTS and LTE modems with small TS9 socket. The SMA socket can also be permanently installed with nut and lock nut. lenght: 20 cm, male TS9 angled 90° plug
17,90 kn
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